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Things to look for in a locksmith service for your home

There a ton of people who are looking for a 24-hour locksmith service that can provide them with services they need for their home. They search the web, check listings, and call friends to find one that can deliver.

It is important that you get a locksmith that can perform key tasks that would fix common problems inside your house. This will make sure that they can cover all the features of your home that use a lock system whether it be furniture, appliance, or fitting.

The most common need for homeowners is lock/key replacement which would need equipment for duplication and installation. Re-keying is a similar service where you need to get a new key for your existing key because it is either damaged or dilapidated.

Master keys can also be very helpful when you find yourself locked out of your home. A good locksmith owns a master key of just about any lock system, so they can open any lock right away. This service is especially useful for those emergency situations.

Many homeowners in Singapore have safes where they store their valuables and large sums of money. There are occasions that the owner might forget the lock combination. Your locksmith should have experience in unlocking these secure devices.

Your locksmith’s installation services should cover a broad range of services. A high-security lock is needed if you want top notch security to protect your home. Customers should have a choice in installing either a padlock, a deadbolt, or a cylinder lock to secure their home. For doors, a locksmith must give them options which may or may not include a knob or handle. These are all possible options that a residential client will look for and a good locksmith in Singapore should be able to provide that.

Versatility is required from residential locksmiths which is why they need to know how to handle mailbox locks and sliding door locks. These are common in homes nowadays and your locksmith must be prepared to handle them.

24/7 DC Locksmith in Singapore can provide all these services and more. Their locksmiths are well-equipped to handle these types of tasks.

Commercial services to watch for when hiring a locksmith service

One might not think of locksmith services to be a specialization. Although a locksmith can provide service for both residential areas and commercial spaces, it is always good to have a locksmith who has an expertise in specific situations because they know what to do right away.

First off, there are many situations when the owner or a worker gets locked out of their store and they need to get in because they need to either open the store early in the morning or have left something at night. A 24-hour locksmith is important in this situation because they can deliver the service you need at any time.

Many businesses get to a point where they need to change their locks to improve security. A re-keying service is commonly requested by businesses because the owner might decide to give a worker access to the building or someone might want a new spare key because the old one got bent or broke.

Some might business owners require a master key system or a high-security lock system to gain full control of the access to their office or store space. You need a competent locksmith to be able to install these kinds of systems with no hitch.

Lock repair and lock change is another common service that a locksmith provides. Old locks might need repair to function properly. And if a repair isn’t enough, the lock might need a replacement lock for better access and security. A locksmith near you might be able to do that task if they specialize in that kind of service.

Normally, a commercial space will have a safe inside which could be a big safe for storing large sums of money or a small one inside the office of a top executive. You locksmith must have the skills to open, change the combination, and or repair a safe.

Small tasks in an office for a locksmith can be to fix the lock of a file cabinet, door closer, or desk drawer. These tasks require an on-call locksmith which you can easily contact to go to the office and do a quick job.

No other company in Singapore has a complete set of services that cover all kinds of lock problems. 24/7 DC Locksmith is located on Trivex, Singapore and can also be booked online. We provide hassle-free service that you can avail at any time.

Services to look for when looking for a reliable car locksmith

Many car owners experience problems with their locks or car keys at some point in time. Having a person or company you can contact to deliver the services you need especially when you’re on the road would be a life saver. However, you must be able to evaluate a service provider before you put your trust into a locksmith and one way to do that is to look at their services.

A good sign that your locksmith is reliable is when they offer emergency locksmith services for locked cars. Often, customers leave their keys inside their car without knowing it and they’re stuck outside their car because they don’t have a spare.

Locksmiths who specialize in car locks will be able to unlock car doors of any car right away. They can remove a key that was broken when the car owner tried to enter. This happens often, especially when the car owner forcefully opened the car door using the key. The replacement will function just like the new one.

Losing your car keys is an even bigger problem because you need to find someone who can make you a duplicate. Your locksmith should be able to mold a key when you lose it, so you won’t have to go for days without your car. It would even be better if your locksmith can cut you a new key on-site which is a premium service that would get you a new key right away.

A damaged lock, handle, or ignition key can be a hassle especially if you find yourself not getting to leave for work in the morning. You locksmith should be able to do some repair or replacement work with these parts that have locks. Whether it is an automatic or manual lock, your locksmith must have the skills and tools to do a quick job.

Car owners would have a problem with their locks regularly and it is best that your locksmith can recommend solutions when you ask them. All these characteristics of a locksmith and services can be availed when you hire 24/7 DC Locksmith in Singapore. Visit their website to find out more.

How 24/7 DC Locksmith can help you?

Locksmiths have unique skills that they acquired with training and experience. However, there are scammers that would tell you they are locksmiths. You must be sure that your locksmith can provide authentic and quality service.

An expert locksmith in Singapore is 24/7 DC Locksmith which can help address needs of Singaporeans. Call them and you get quality service from actual experts that can handle any lock problem from homes, offices to automobiles.

Using modern tools and equipment our locksmiths can deliver critical services whether you need in your home, office, or car. Our locksmiths can go to your address and depend on how close you are they will be there within an hour so there’s no long wait.

Specialized services are available, and clients only need to describe the issue, so we can send the right locksmith for you. No need to break the bank to have a trustworthy locksmith do the services you need as well because our prices are lower than our competitors.

All our locksmiths have accreditation from the governing body in Singapore. These tells you that they were educated to be locksmiths and that they have the experience on the field to give you reliable 24-hour support.

Learn about the work we do by looking at our services. You will get information about our main services which include unlocking, duplication, and installation. We have built a good reputation because of these services.

We have made it easy for our clients to contact us by opening our new website. They can expect our locksmiths to be right on time when they schedule a repair service. The price quote will also be available ahead of time.

Our locksmiths are some of the best in Singapore. With our complete set of services, all your needs will be covered. You can expect great service every time which is why we have served hundreds of customers since we started several years back.

Get our team with a simple phone call or you can book an appointment through our online booking service. There are also online and phone consultations that our clients can avail. Visit us at to get more information.

Why you should look for a good locksmith in Singapore?

Not a lot of locksmiths give you multiple options to contact them, which makes it harder to get your lock problems sorted out. There are those that don’t have diverse skill set and can’t do a well enough job with digital locks than they do with traditional locks and vice versa.

A locksmith must have modern tools and equipment when it comes to repairing and installing new locks to cover a wider range of customer needs. One locksmith can go from securing a glass door to rescuing a driver from not being able to open his automated lock.

Locksmiths should also be readily available especially during emergencies. It is crucial that they can deliver their services right away and the choice you make on the company can facilitate that because a trustworthy company will surely deliver quality services.

The kind of help you need is a locksmith that knows how to do the specific job you want whether it’s in your home, building, or car they must have the skills to do the task. Plus, your locksmith should offer value for your money. It would be even better if they offer the lowest price and the service is still top-notch.

Getting a locksmith should not be hard to find because you might need them in emergency situations. They must be able to fix your lock problems whether it’s opening your door at home or saving you when in the middle of the parking lot because you left your keys inside the car. Scrambling to find a locksmith will only add to your problems if it’s at night which is why an on-call locksmith is preferred by many clients.

The invaluable support a locksmith can provide would be a life-saver in some cases. An easily accessible locksmith service would go a long way to save you from troubles that you might have with the locks in your home or car.

Finding a good locksmith in Singapore is now easy with 24/7 DC Locksmith. The company has an emergency booking service with their hotline. With their professional locksmiths, you will be assured that they will send a locksmith that can provide a solution to your problem. Their quality service also comes at an affordable price which even make it even better.